Eerily Lifelike – My 8 Favourite Doll Artists

If you find dolls intensely creepy, this probably isn’t the blog post for you! I don’t know what it is about them, but I find these fully poseable ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) stunningly beautiful.
Take a look at these dolls by my top 8 favourite ball-jointed doll artists!

ENCHANTED DOLL by Marina Bychkova

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When I discovered Marina Bychkova, the independent artist behind Enchanted Doll, I was astounded and transfixed at the delicacy and beauty achievable in porcelain. I had only really ever known porcelain dolls as the Victorian style toddler dolls, so the slender frailty of Bychkova’s adult women rendered in smooth ceramic was mesmerizing to me.



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Marmite Sue is the pen name of the astoundingly talented porcelain doll artist and illustrator, Eli Effenberger. She makes the most incredibly decorative and beautifully detailed ball-jointed dolls that exude the opulence of Rococo art and Fabergé eggs.


POPOVY DOLLS by Popovy Sisters

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Twin sisters Ekaterina and Elena Popovy trained as professional artists and fashion designers and have taken their talents to creating edgy, high-fashion dolls that would be worthy of any Vogue shoot. They take doll art to a whole new level that is sexy and sculptural with fantasy fashions I really wish existed in human size!


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As well as soft fabric dolls German doll artist Sabine Vogel makes some interesting BJDs that explore different themes. Representing subjects such as differing beauty ideals, eternal life or the evening star, her porcelain dolls have a sweet, calm innocence to them.



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While some of these are hit and miss for my tastes I do really like the sweetly pretty ‘Kitty’ and ‘Sandre’ dolls French artist Lillycat makes. The ‘cartoon’ bodies with extra wide hips used on the ‘Kitty’ dolls is fun and a bit different.



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Natalia Loseva’s BJDs are astonishingly realistic and simply very pretty. If it weren’t for the joints you could easily mistake them for a photo at a glance. Her dolls are chic and modern with a distinctive touch of class.



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These hyper-realistic dolls by Russian artist  Michael Zajkov definitely make you do a double take! Sculpted in polymer clay rather than cast in porcelain or resin means that each doll is uniquely crafted, which I think adds to their realism. He uses glass eyes and mohair wigs together with early 20th-century fashions in voile, silks and antique lace to create a romantically delicate and vintagey look to these scarily lifelike dolls.



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Back to a more stylised form, Twigling’s dolls have developed into fascinating beauties, often with an elfin or otherworldly elegance to them. She is a Norwegian-born doll artist who lives and works in Madrid, where she creates dolls that she aims to help relive lost childhood and indulge in fantasy fulfillment.


And that’s it for my top 8 favourite doll artists! I’m sure there are plenty of other super talented BJD artists out there that I’ve missed or haven’t discovered yet.

So if you know have any favourite doll creators, let me know in the comments!


All images owned by their respective creators. Click on the links to go to image source.

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