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Golden Demon – 8 Amazing Past Entries

Whilst I’m not much of a Warhammer gamer I have in the past spent a good few hours painting and kit-bashing various Vampires, Skeletons, and Daemons among others.

So with Warhammer Fest stomping its battle-worn boots to Coventry on 15th May, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the previous entries and winners of the Golden Demon Awards.

If you’re unfamiliar with Golden Demon – it’s a competition for Games Workshop fans to showcase their painting and kit-bashing (i.e. modification) skills. There’s even a category for large-scale original models inspired by the Warhammer universe.


Here are my favourite entries and winners from over the past few years.

  1. Gold Winner – Large Scale Harlequin by Fabrizio Russo (Italy, 2010)fabrizio russo italy2010 large scale gold

This is my all-time favourite large scale sculpt. The evil Harlequin puppet-master tugging the strings of mere humans is just a great image. If you love trickster gods and characters in fiction as much as I do, this joker is a darkly fantastic representation.

  1. Bronze Winner – Diorama Papa Nurgle’s Carnival by Christoph Blumenthal (Germany, 2013)germany_2013_diorama_3_christophblumenthal

While the paint job on these models is maybe not as impeccable as some, it’s the creativity behind this piece that I think really stands out. I love a dark carnival, and we often see more of Nurgle’s pestilent side represented rather than his fun side, reminiscent here of Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas.

  1. Gold Winner – 40k Monster Greater Daemon by Raffaele Picca (Italy, 2011)raffaele picca italy_2011_monster40k__gold

The impeccable blended paint on this Greater Daemon seems to glow with arcane magic. The colour choices are really well balanced and look stunning against the beaten look of the metal armour, so I think it’s a great paint job on a fab model.

  1. Bronze Winner – Open Category Tzeentch Sorceror by Mark Soley (Australia, 2012)australia_2012_open_3_marksoley
  2. Gold Winner – Single Fantasy Model Skeleton by Martin Gouman (Italy, 2013)italy_2013_singlefantasy_1_martingouman
  3. Gold Winner – Single Fantasy Model Seeker of Slaanesh by Angelo di Chello (Italy, 2010)angelo di chello italy2010fantasy single gold
  4. Gold Winner – Large Scale Inquisitor by Chris Clayton (UK, 2009)chris clayton uk 2009 large_scale_miniature_gold
  5. Bronze Winner – Regiment Pink Horrors by Stefan Johnsson (UK, 2014)stefan johnsson pink_horrors_-_bronze_ukgd_2014 regiment


The Warhammer community can be quite a creative bunch, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with this year!

All images from the Unofficial Golden Demon Website – head over there for more!

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