‘The Smiling Man’: Award-Winning Horror Short That Will Turn Smiles to Screams

In just 7 minutes, this superbly creepy horror short will pull you in and draw out some of your deepest childhood fears…

Created by A.J. Briones who has as over 13 years of film and games experience, ‘The Smiling Man’ is a  great piece of visual storytelling that really does deserve all its awards.

I was instantly captivated by it, following a trail of chilling ‘breadcrumbs’ alongside a little girl whose close encounter with mocking evil will leave her forever changed.

I can honestly say it’s well worth a watch.

So go ahead and take a look!

If you’re familiar with Creepy Pastas you may have heard of the ‘The Smiling Man’ Creepy Pasta where a tall, thin man wanders the streets with an almost dancing walk and an impossibly wide grin on his face. Whilst this short tells a different story, the motif of devilish, mocking laughter is certainly echoed.

According to Tom Holland’s Terror Time, Briones says the film is about more than a fictional monster, telling Blumhouse:

I like to work in allegory with all of my films, and THE SMILING MAN is about a woman’s introduction into the world of men, and how unfair and downright predatory that can be. It’s not meant to be overt, but those ideas are visually coded into the film.

The film has won a few awards, including Best Short Film at Shriek Fest and Best Director at Midnight Horror Shorts Fest, and Briones says he hopes to make the short into a feature.

That’s definitely a movie I’d like to see.

the smiling man movie-balloon.jpg

[Source: Tom Holland’s Terror Time]

What did you think of this horror short? Did it make you smile or scream –  or a bit of both?

Leave a comment below!


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