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20 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Give You the Creeps

Want to enjoy a bit of a scare, but don’t feel like sitting through a whole horror movie today? Maybe you’re a busy commuter who’d like a lonely bus ride in the dark to feel even more creepy? Or maybe you just want a quick read before bed that will help you set up your nightmares for the night? Whatever your reason for seeking a quick scare, look no further!

Some creative souls on Reddit have provided these 20 two-sentence horror stories that will send your imagination to the darkest of places!

And  if you’re a writer, artist or illustrator I think they also make really cool prompts, if you’re looking for some quick inspiration. Take a look!

1.1 misty glass copy Therealhatman

2. 2 alarm clock copyJmperson

3. 3 scratched door copyMiami_Metro

4.4 door ajar copyEvilSteveDave

5. 5 scary stairs copyDrrd777

6. 6 bed awake copyCalamitosity

7. 7 sleeping-couple-in-bed copy.jpgThe_D_String

8. 8 baby monitor copyDoctordevice

9. 9 cat copyHangukbrian

10. 10 baby copyWartortlesthebestest

11. 11 coffin copyVigridarena

12. 12 dress copyVaultkid321

13. 13 under bed copyJustAnotherMuffledVo

14. 14 light-switch-horror copymadamimadamimadam

15. 15 skeleton copyGraboid27

16. 16 window copyAerron

17. 17 waking copyGenetically_witless

18. 18 grave copySkuppy

19. 19 mother-cradling-newborn copyCobaltcollapse

20. 20 phone copyGuztaluz

I’m working on a few two-sentence horrors of my own, so if you like these pop back soon!

And if you like these or have some of your own leave a comment.


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