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When Storybook Monsters Come to Life – Don’t Let In… ‘The Babadook’

This awesome art-book is a unique focal point in this well-considered,  perceptive horror, where the monster of a mysterious storybook torments a grieving family to the brink of sanity…

It’s rare that a piece of art takes a pivotal role in a movie, but Mister Babadook, the pop-up book of horrors to come, provides all the depths of child- and adulthood terrors.

Despite the heaps of praise plastered all over its DVD cover, I’d heard mixed opinions about The Babadook. I wasn’t sure if it would be the fantastical storybook-brought-to-life that I was hoping for, so I hesitated over watching it fearing that my idea of nightmare illustrations made real wouldn’t be conveyed as creatively as I was hoping.


But it came onto Netflix not too long ago, so last night I thought what the heck. And I felt like a complete  doofus for not having watched it sooner –  I loved it!

“If it’s in a word
or it’s in a look
You can’t get rid of…
The Babadook!” 

I really enjoy tales of descent into madness and I felt the chaos, entwined with its deep maternal stresses, was handled really well in the movie. The mother-son relationship felt really intense and stressful, and it made me both feel both empathetic and frustrated for two people falling so far into darkness that it becomes the only reality.

Most importantly of course, I loved Mister Babadook, the pop-up book through which this monstrous being plagues the family. It’s a fantastically illustrated work created by the wonderfully talented Alexander Juhasz.

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Inevitably I couldn’t resist wanting to get my hands on a copy of the book – only to find it’s not available… yet! And it turns out I’m not the only one, because a ton of people are waiting for the book’s release, which is scheduled sometime later this year.

Mister Babadook himself is updating his followers on Twitter, so like all the other crazy kids, I’m signing up to the book’s waiting list (by emailing here) and hoping that he’ll come dook-dook-dooking on my door with a parcel really damn soon!

Click on the links below to buy the DVD at amazon_uk_logo or amazon_us_logo

Click here to buy at (UK site)

Click here to buy at (US site)

Have you watched The Babadook? Did you enjoy it? Leave a comment below! 

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