Flash Fic with Pics #2 – The Beast That’s Eating You

Here’s piece no. 2 in my Flash Fic with Pics series!

(You can see #1 here)
This one’s more poetry than prose, but it still tells a short story about inner beasts in nursery rhyme style Here goes ☺…

You might need to click on the image to enlarge and read the text, but if you can’t get in close enough or you’re on mobile here’s the short poem that accompanies the image:

The-beast-thats-eating-you-by-Kay-De-Garay-excerpt1And while she slept, in darkness crept 
A rat as black as coal,
That smelt the sickly bitter tang
Of anguish in her soul.

For cradled in the cage of bones
A heart with hundred teeth
Did swallow, chew, regurgitate
Itself with endless greed.

The rat desired the fresh decay
– the taste as dead as soot
And set about devouring
The sleeping girl’s left foot.

But once it severed skin and flesh, The-beast-thats-eating-you-by-Kay-De-Garay-excerpt2
To gnaw the foot alone,
Beneath he found, to much surprise
That fur and claws had grown.

He tasted hunger, greed and gloom
– her truth was bleeding through.
He whispered to her, “You’ve become
The beast that’s eating you.”

The meaning behind this gruesome tale is that the sleeping girl is letting her negative emotions consume her to the point that it’s no longer hidden from the outside world. Her feelings of sadness and lack have been eating away at her like a rot, so that she attracts the keen nose of the rat. He signifies the love of dirty and decaying matter, which she herself is turning into.

Once she wakes I imagine that she will realise what she is becoming and set about finding the rat to get her foot back and become whole again.

I wrote this story out of concern for a friend who was going through a rough time but refused help from anyone. It was frustrating, even infuriating, watching someone knowingly put themselves through anguish, but in the end she managed to pull herself through it.

Sometimes you just have to be alone in the darkness until you’re ready to come back out…


The styles that inspired me for this image were from artists like Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham of the Fables Graphic Novel series. Whilst it’s not a copy of their style (since I’m not sure I could achieve that!), I love their line-work and tried to create my own version of this.

If you haven’t read them and love fairy tales with a modern twist, the Fables Graphic Novels are brilliant! And there are lots of them, so there’s plenty to sink your story-hungry teeth into!

amazon_uk_logoYou can start with Volume 1 at

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(Just to let you know, if you buy these books or anything else through this link I get a small percentage of the sale which helps me keep this site running for you. Thanks! ☺)

Have you read the Fables Graphic Novels? What did you think of them? Leave a comment!


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