This site is having a make-over!

This site is having a make-over! I’ve decided to change the format from a ‘magazine’ style to a personal blog to cover more of my own art work and stories, as well as talking about things that I find interesting.
There’s still a fantasy / horror / surreal slant to the content, but now I want to discuss it more in relation to art.


Mainly because from the topics I’ve been blogging about, I’ve found myself getting passionate about making art again.

I kind of fell out of love with art after I finished my Fine Art degree, because the way it was taught just ripped the soul straight out of it for me. Being encouraged into the modern sensationalism of modern art made me find it pointless, but now that I’ve been looking at the wonderful things that people are making across the world outside of the pompous circles, I feel inspired again.

So with the change comes a new name – my name! I’m leaving The Nyxus behind and blogging under Kay De Garay from now on.

There will be more drawings, works-in-progress, creative research & inspirations, art news and thoughts, and even some how-to’s.

Basically a creative journey that I hope you’ll find as interesting and motivating to read, as I’ll enjoy making it.



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