One Simple Thing Every Artist Needs

As I’ve changed this blog into more of a personal artist blog, I thought I’d share my reflections about Art & self-belief from my walk around the park with my dog, Rocket, this morning.

I was walking around the lake in the park at 5.30am wondering why, when the morning was so stunningly beautiful and peaceful, I was feeling a niggling discontentment.

It’s been a strange week for me with a storm of emotions whirling around in my head that I’ve been unable to share with anyone. My relationships towards people in my life have left me questioning where I fit and examining my own demons.

I let slip some honest feelings I had about something and while it was the right thing to do, it left me feeling horribly exposed and afraid. It reminds me that I often fear opening up to people in general because sometimes, in times of weakness, the thought of other people judging me still terrifies me to the core.

But why am I telling you this?


I’m talking about this because it made me consider that what is currently missing from my life is faith. I don’t mean in the religious sense, I mean faith in myself and my creative life.

Let me explain.

I believe as an artist you have to be able to cultivate a tremendous amount of faith:

Not only do you have to have faith in yourself to think up a great idea, you also need faith in your ability every time you start with a blank canvas.

But you also need faith that you can stand strong against criticism and be able to defend your viewpoints.

You need faith that you’re not just kidding yourself; that you really are an artist.

Sometimes you need a bit of faith in creativity itself, to remind you that it’s worth it, that your creativity really is absolutely necessary.

Faith in your practice will help you put away distractions and help you focus.

And perhaps most importantly, you need faith in your work so that you keep going, keep learning, keep creating.

Your faith is allowed to be, and indeed should be unreasonable and demand a lot, both from yourself and from the world because that way you’ll keep pushing to create.

So on this lovely Sunday, I wish you whatever faith you need to help you stay focused and creative.

If this was in any way useful to you, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on faith and art ☺


3 thoughts on “One Simple Thing Every Artist Needs

  1. That’s so true! I didn’t draw for years even though it was the only thing I really wanted to do because I didn’t believe in myself as artistically capable. Then I got to a point where I just did it anyway. Doing something without needing to be good at it gave me a strange kind of confidence and spurred me on to keep creating. Then of course I did get better, because I was practising all the time. Now I find creativity and confidence feed into each other. Maybe that’s the core of having faith in yourself, as you say. Great post!

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    1. Absolutely! I fell out of love with art after my fine art degree because it just sucked the fun and spontaneity out of it for me, but now I’m feeling inspired again to do what I want to do. Well done to you, having the courage and making that decision! And I completely agree, practice and faith help each other to grow. Thanks for taking the time to comment, loving your blog too☺

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      1. I’ve heard the same thing from others after art school. It was something I hadn’t realised could happen, as I always thought of art school as the ideal thing. But I head the same feeling after completing my studies in another field, so I think it is a problem with institutionalised learning. Thanks for your encouragement! Love your blog too 😊

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