Practising Life Painting in Oils (Step by Step)

Boobs! Yep that’s a word that’s bound to spark interest!

And in fact I’ve just started a new nude figure painting in my efforts to get back into oils, where the boobs have been giving me a bit of trouble.

I thought the pose the model’s in looked a bit like she’s flying, and similar to some of the witch paintings I’ve been looking at, so I thought I’d give it a try as an oil painting. But in the photo I’m working from the model is propped up, balancing on a couple of stools to create this challenging pose and I rotated the figure to fit better on the canvas, initially forgetting what gravity would do to the boobs.

So they’re still not quite right, but it’s getting there. Here’s my process so far, step by step (Click to biggify!):

Next I’ll start blocking in the first layer of white tones before heading on to the mid-tones. I’m planning to keep colour pretty minimal and muted, because I’m still getting to grips with using oils and getting the tonal values right.

Feel free to follow if you want to see how it progresses!


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