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Short Story: FEEDER – Part 2

Feeder is a story about finding the courage to overcome grief and denial. It is the story of a boy growing into self-awareness, who learns that his actions have created a monster – one which he must challenge to become free.

It’s a tale about the struggles we face when we create broken coping mechanisms that end up making our problems bigger until we have no choice but to face them head on.

Part 2 continues below. Click here to go back to part 1.



Will and his mother had always kept to themselves. These days, most people don’t believe in witchcraft anymore. At least, that’s what they tell themselves. As soon as they see it, they know. And more often than not, they can’t handle it. Will’s father couldn’t. 

The day Jacob found Myriam practising a ritual, their argument got so heated that he shoved her, much harder than he meant to. It was an accident that she fell over the coffee table and hit her head on the cupboard, but she was furious. She accused him of domestic abuse, screaming that she’d never loved him, that she’d had such big plans to give him untold powers – but that with this act of violence and cowardice he had ruined everything.  

She’d never said so, but Will suspected she’d wanted his father to learn necromancy, in the hope he could bring back Will’s half-brother Caleb. Caleb had died as a baby before Will was born, and she’d tried everything she could to bring him back, but nothing had worked. She wasn’t powerful enough. The fact remained that all forms of witchcraft were best suited to female witches, except for necromancy. It required a huge source of power for a female witch to accomplish, but it was the one talent male witches excelled at.  

Jacob thought she was crazy, but most of all he was scared. Before he walked out of the front door for the last time he’d looked in Will’s eyes and saw that Will knew about it all. The way he then snarled at him hurt Will deeply. He promised himself to hold off from magic as much as he could. However, sometimes there is no choice but one. 

 Myriam had tried to teach him witchcraft but much to her disappointment the dead never wished to speak to him, let alone be woken by him. Secretly, he’d always felt relieved, since the whole idea had always turned his stomach to a squirming sack of worms. 

That had to change when he found Myriam dead in her bed four weeks ago. quotation-mark-2



In a couple of weeks, I’ll be posting the next part – where we find out what really happened the night Myriam died.

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